This is an answer to the quintessential question, what can I do to make a difference. As a community if we all do our little bit, however small it all adds up to make a beautiful big picture. This is an ongoing endeavour to create this experience for children of the community to contribute their time to make an amazing big picture. Greatest strength also lies in the idea of using eco-friendly and waste material found in our homes, for all these big pictures.


As time to spend on collective activities becomes scarce what is damaged in our lives is the ability to see the world around us and develop the sensitivity to take time out to help and contribute. These activities are what gives the children of a community a window to come out of their individual shells and connect with each other to help those in need along with express gratitude for what there is.


The cohesiveness of a community is born out of people coming together, stepping out of their individual world and meeting. What better way cold there be but festivals. This effort to bring people of the community out to spend time together can be the most rewarding and brings togetherness for every age group. People relate not only among themselves but also with each other once they come together. This is the basis of a strong foundation of a beautiful community life.