Established in 1997, Studio 9491 is a design practice for architectural and interior design projects. With a collective experience of over twenty two years, the immersion into design has been complete covering every aspect of what it takes to transform a sketch on the drawing board to a living and functional built environment. Our work ethic is to create a balance between analyzing and fulfilling the client requirements and innovation, sensitivity in design aesthetic, respect for budgets and time lines. Always open to, and in fact seeking new challenges, the wide variety of design assignments as showcased have given the required fabric for thinking out of the box.
One of the key strengths is the variety of projects handled in terms of typology. Each typology of work offers new challenges and there is a strong inclination to follow a process of mapping the design work giving due emphasis to case studies and developing a program and a set of guidelines for the client to organize his thoughts and giving us a framework to tackle divergent types of requirements to work with.
Agility to handle varied scales of work within a given typolgy is also a practiced skill. The difference of scales in projects demand an entirely different set of nuances. The sensitivity in smaller scales is as challenging as the planned method based working on large scale projects. Collaborative and coordination skills with numerous experts in their respective fields is an added layer of a design process which deepens the relevance and contextual quality of a project.
A belief that there is a dynamic balance between the left and right brain thinking is an essential part of the design philosophy. With an endeavor to create spaces which speak and evoke a meaning, tactile qualities of space making take a very important place . Abstract thinking and sensorial experience form the set of tools used to infuse life into an idea. Along with the abstract, the ability of using the correct drawing skills to communicate the design intent in detail is what takes a project from vision to actualization, without dilution of the original design intent.
From the seed of the abstract is born the tangible whole.